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Rookie- Saturday 4 December- Quads

Today was a good quads session:

Intensity: 4.5- finished my whole quad session in around 40mins
Planning: 4- Pre w.o nutrition was ok, went a lot higher in carb then usual as it is a cheat day, helped out heaps in terms of energy and performance. I had goals of adding 5kgs to high bar squats and adding weight to leg presses too.
Execution: Smashed the goals I had in mind and train hard and did quite a bit of work in a short amount of time.

Nautilus 45 degree Leg Press:
2.25PPSx10- 5 sets, 2PPSx15- 5 sets- these were very good, the sets of 15 were very hard since lactic acid was building up fast but had to power through and get the job done.

High bar squats:
65×10, 65×10, 75×10, 75×10- these were very deep, and just kept tension on the quads, felt very pumped- quads were heavy and full of blood.

Leg extensions:
45×20, 60×15- fell a bit short in time since I had to shoot off, so fell two sets short, so I did as much as I could in the time I had.

Will be recovering, and enjoying the food here.

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Rookie- Tuesday 30 November Back and biceps

Today was an awesome back session!!!!!

Intensity 4
Planning 4
Execution 4.5

Intensity- did my whole session in around 45-50min

Planning- I knew I wanted to hit more on the lat pulldown, hammer row and with the t-bar the main focus was to use full range of motion, and use the lats without swinging.

85×10, 85×10, 95×10, 95×10, 120×6, 120×5 (kgs)- full r.o.m and used lats as best as I could, felt every rep in my lats.. The last two sets were hard and heavy powerbuilding style

Nautilus pullover (Lbs/pounds)
80×10, 80×10, 90×10, 90×10- this is an awesome machine, full stretch and awesome squeeze of the lats, slow up and fast down- tension was good

3plx10, 3plx10, 3.5plx8, 3.5plx8- just focused on using my lats as much as possible without going heavier, next time will add the weight since I was able to maintain good form and full r.o.m

Hammer row:
45×10, 45×10, 55×8, 55×8- last two reps of last two sets were to complete failure, very good machine- full squeeze in the lats and just kept the focus on lats the whole time

70×12, 70×12- again just full r.o.m and squeeze on each and every rep

Bi curls:
15×10, 15×10, 17.5×8, 17.5×7- good rhythm and pump- last set was very very hard since bi`s felt quite taxed

Nautilus machine curls:
60×10, 60×10, 60×8, 60×8- awesome pump and constant tension

All in all was a very good session, one of my best back sessions to date. Hopefully this will bring up my back and take me towards getting a thick and wide back. Enjoying this new routine!!!!

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Rookie- Monday 29 September- Chest

Flat bench press:
60×10, 60×10, 75×10, 75×10, 85×6, 85×6- last reps of last two sets were to failure, flat bench PB- our strategy of doing incline bench def works to bring up the flat bench..

Incline DB press:
22.5×10, 25×10, 27.5, 30×9

Flat DB flyes:
20×10, 22.5×10, 25×8- good stretch and tension on pecs, shoulders felt a bit dodgy- could have been form, will see next week

Hammer strength wide chest:
30×12, 35×10, 35×9, 35×8- very good pump on this machine, hits the lower pec very well.

All in all was a good chest session, happy about how strength is going with flat bench, couldn`t do tris since things were being shifted around in the gym when I finished up with training my chest.

The first part (main compound exercise) is where I focus on shifting heavier weight, and the second part is tension and well high intensity bodybuilding.

I`ve found as my weight climbs, strength follows and vice versa


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Rookie- 27 November 2010 Quads

Nautilus 45 degree leg press:
2pps for 5×10- really really different to normal leg press, the plane of movement is a lot diff so makes it way harder- my quads were pumped quickly

1.25 pps for 5×15- quads were burning at this point

High bar squats:
60×10, 60×10, 70×10, 70×10- all ass to grass, not used to doing close stance squats, powersquats are where my strength is compared to these.. Well I gotta start somewhere, my quads were burning and I got two more no matter what.

Nautilus Leg ext:
45×20, 45×20, 60×15, 60×12- complete failure on 12th rep couldn’t do any more.

All in all was a good quad session- the hack squat at the gym is really awkward to use so I ditched it. Might do some extra sets of high bar squats, they were good- hamstrings and calves touching… Sucks how the changing rooms are upstairs!!

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