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Training Log- Saturday 21 April- Quads

Saturday is quads day. I have been using the safety squat bar and concentrating on deep and full reps and lots of volume. The goal is to bring my lagging quads up.

Safety bar squats– warm up. Top set of 180kg for 5 reps. Followed by 140kg x 8×2, 120 kg x 10×2.

Hack squats- Top set of 8 plates x5 reps. Followed by 6 plates x8x2, 4 plates x10x2.

Leg press– 6 plates x50 reps, 8 plates x 30 reps, 10 plates x 20 reps, 14 plates x 10 reps.

Leg extensions– 4×25 reps.

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Workout log- Triceps

Today was another step up. Worked up to 140 kg close grip. It felt good and I was tempted to go 160 kg but decided to hold myself back. Plenty of time yet and I have the surgeon to see on Wednesday. I am getting back to 100%. Looking forward to hitting some big numbers. I think 200 kg close grip for 5 reps is not too far away. But it’s all about the rehab for now.

The best part of today was the volume. I won’t go into the weights because they are average. My focus is still on getting through the workouts and getting my body used to that volume. 24 sets in about 45 minutes.

Close grip bench- 2×10,2×8,2×5,2×8,2×10
Incline tricep extensions- 12,10,8,6
Rope pushdowns- 4×25
Overhead rope extensions- 6×15

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Posterior chain

Continuing my comeback. Not going too heavy of course. Even supporting weights when I am training lower body has the potential to do some damage.

I worked up to a set of 5 on box squats with the giant cambered bar. Stopped at 200 kg. Then the assistance was very light. 140 kg on trap bar deadlifts for 5 sets of 5.

Overall happy with how things feel.

Box squats, GC bar- 200 kg for 5
Trap bar deadlifts- 140 kg for 5 sets of 5
Romanian deadlifts- 5×5
Pulldown abs- 4×25

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Comeback back

Still making light and steady progress. Today was back. I’m still not lifting anything significant although I did manage to do 120 kg for 10 on incline on Monday. Felt easy.

Weighing around 110 kg. A long way from 118 kg but that’s okay.

My focus is on volume. I want to be getting 20-30 sets per large body part. I’m not concerned with the weight. I will step this up over the next few weeks.

Back today:

Neutral grip front lat pulldowns- 2×12,2×10,2×8,2×10,2×15
Cable rows- 15,12,10,8
T Bar rows- 12,10,8,8,10
Behind neck pulldowns- 4×15

23 sets. Good pump and no pain in my bicep. My forearms blew up but that’s not unusual for me. I will see if there is any swelling and bruising in the morning.

Back to the surgeon in 2 weeks. Physio is going well. She is quite happy with my progress. She isn’t so keen on my volume but is beginning to understand me (if that’s possible). I’m certain my bicep is now stronger than before.

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Monday 7 November- Chest and triceps

Light chest rehab session today. Not a lot of weight but no pain or discomfort. I even managed to get a good pump.

Flat DB bench- 4 sets of 10 (worked up to 30 kg)
Incline machine press- 4 sets of 15
Cable crossovers- 4 sets of 15
Close grip bench- 4 sets of 10 (worked up to 100 kg)
Rope pushdown- 4 sets of 25

Nothing too serious but I already feel like I am growing again. It is hard to hold myself back but important to cruise and stick with my plan.

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Extra workout- shoulders

I have been given the all clear to train shoulders lightly. Today was about a 75% workout. I didn’t push too hard and I have a bit of a head cold also. On days like today I just want to get the sets and reps, bank the session and move on.

Seated barbell front press
60kg x 12 reps
80kg x 10 reps
100kg x 8 reps
120kg x 6 reps
100kg x 8 x 2
80 kg x 15 x 2

Smith machine behind neck press
80 kg x 10 x 10

Seated dumbbell side laterals
20kg x 10 x 2
25kg x 8 x 2
35 kg x 6 x 2
25 kg x 8 x 2
20 kg x 15 x 2

Some light face pulls and rear delt cable work. 100 reps in total.

Pressing power feels good. I need to be moving toward 140 kg for 5 reps in seated front press. I will utilise the log and seated db press over the next 4 weeks.

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803 pound box squat

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