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Max effort- incline barbell with chains week 1

First week of a new max effort cycle on incline barbell with chains. Week 1 was 160 plus 40 kg of chains. In 3 weeks the goal is 180 kg plus the chains. I backed off with sets of 140 for 10 on incline. Feeling strong after my deload.


Max effort- Narrow grip 190 kg plus 40 kg chains

Max effort- Narrow grip 190 kg plus 40 kg chains. Couldn’t quite lock it out. But still pleased about where I am at. Switch to incline barbell with chains next week.

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Floor press

As seen on Kiwi FM this morning.

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Eastside Bench Session

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Decline bench

Decline is a great way to vary your chest training. I haven’t done it for a while but pleased with an easy 180 kg for 5. I will cycle up to 200 kg during one of my mini cycles. That’s good money.

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Road to a 500 pound bench- week 2

A very productive week. Still building up in a measured way as I continue to heal my pec.
Some of the highlights of the week:

Monday- Chest and triceps
– I did my crazy 10 sets of 10 on incline. I haven’t been that sore for a long time. Starting on 140 kg and dropping down to finish on 105 kg. Crazy pump.
– It wasn’t possible to do a lot else for chest so I finished with 5 sets of cable flys and 5 sets of cable crossovers.
– Triceps were also fried so I just finished with 15 sets of 10 reps on rope pushdowns. These were reasonably light.

Tuesday- Upper back and biceps
– 25 sets for lats and upper back, 10 sets for biceps.
– Volume and technique remain the focus
– Core movement was bent over barbell rows.

Wednesday- Posterior chain
– Went a little bit heavier on giant cambered bar box squats with 280 kg plus 40 kg of chains for 5 reps. Likely to have a week off this next week.
– 4 sets of glute ham raises and 4 sets of reverse hypers.

Thursday- Shoulders
– Focus in on increasing shoulder pressing power and achieving greater balance in my shoulders
– Hit the log and did 2 top sets of 105kg x6.
– Behind neck on the smith machine 120×10 for 2 sets
– Lots of volume on side and rear laterals including face pulls.

Friday- Arms
– Focus was on a core movement and then some lighter volume.
– Floor press 160 x 5 for 2 sets. Pleasing as I haven’t done a lot of this recently and it felt light
– Barbell curls 10 sets with a pyramid (2×10, 2×8, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10)

Saturday- Quads
– Focus in on developing my front squat and improving the quality of my quads.
– Front squat 180 for a single and then 140 x5 x3.
– Hack squats 3 plates x15 for 3 sets.

Extra workouts
Tuesday- Tricep pushdown- cable 100 poundx10x10
Wednesday- Rope tricep pushdown 54kgx10x10
Saturday- Tricep pushdowns with redband- 10×15

Week 2 of 3 before I hit my first mini cycle. Strength is good and my muscular endurance is improving. Pec is pain free.

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Chest shock

Tried something a bit different…

10 sets of 10 on incline. Decrease the weight each set if required to get desired reps. What a pump.


Felt pretty sick. Couldn’t do a lot else to be fair. Some incline flys and cable crossover and I was cooked.

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