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Quick tip- How to read more

I set myself a goal of reading for an hour a day. This is not easy when you are busy. The most available time for most is in the evening. I am not good for reading at this time. Therefore I subscribe to – Amazon’s audio-book service.

Download Audio Books with Online Digital Audio Book Store.

I listen to my audio books with the Audible Books app for the iPhone.

App Store – Audible.

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5 Quick tips to improve your bench press

Wendler wrote an article about this time last year giving his 5 tips. He’s a pretty hard guy to compete with (or argue with) but here are some quick hints from me.

1. Build a big arse bench physique. Nothing new here from me. Gaining weight will add weight to your bench. I estimate I get about 3 kg on my bench press per kg of bodyweight I add. But I guess I am at the top end. Most will get more. A big arse bench physique means building the whole upper body including the chest, shoulders, lat, biceps and triceps.

2. Train shoulders on a separate day. I like to hit 25-30 sets. Strong shoulder pressing power will carry over to strong bench pressing power.

3. Train upper back on a separate day. I hit 25-30 sets for lats. Lots of rows and pulls.

4. Don’t bench press. I prefer the incline bench as my core chest movement. This gives me a chance to stay fresh mentally and work on my upper chest which is a weak point.

5. Train your triceps at least twice a week. I train my triceps with chest and also as part of a separate arms day. And I may also slot in another 1-2 extra workouts. Strong and well developed triceps are the key to a huge bench press.

bigger stronger smarter

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Quick tip- Lagging bodyparts

Do you want your worst bodypart to be as good as your best bodypart? The answer is pretty simple. Train this bodypart with the same intensity, passion, desire and smartness as your best bodypart.

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Trap Bar Deadlifts

A great way to get some variety into your max effort posterior chain training. Bend over and pull.

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Breakfast tip

I try to eat rolled oats as much as I can for breakfast (and supper). My oats are an excellent source of carbs and when I add my protein shake I have a meal. It does sometime get difficult to keep this up so I try to add some variety.

Adding some fruit to my oats is the easiest way to keep the oats going down. This morning I had them with raspberries and banana. This is great tasting and is the key to staying on track with nutrition.

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How to stick to a fitness regime | Life and style |

10 Simple tips to help you stay on track.


How to stick to a fitness regime | Life and style |

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Box squatting for bodybuilders

Box Squatting for Bodybuilders

This is interesting. The article highlights the lack of “posterior chain” development in bodybuilders and suggests that box squatting could be used to address this. I agree.

On the other side, we have powerlifters with weak quads who could do with some bodybuilding type training to address this. High bar squats, front squats and leg presses are all movements I like. The key is full range of motion and good technique.

Put the two together and I think you call it powerbuilding!

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