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Apple cider vinegar

I have recently started to take apple cider vinegar. I must credit my partner for this. The suggested benefits include improved digestion, reduced risk of heart and reduced risk of diabetes. It doesn’t taste particularly pleasant but mixed with a cup of water it is goes down pretty quickly. There seems to be some discussion on the best dose but I take 3 teaspoons twice daily and directly before food.

I would interested in your thoughts. Here is a link to an article in the Chicago Tribute which also cites some research.

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Are potatoes really that bad?

I am a pretty simple man. Can someone tell me how the potato can really be that bad for you? Or this another case of people who are way smarter than me making things so complicated for the rest of us? Bullshit baffles brains they say.

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Sugar free zone

A sugar free NZ? Seems to be the latest topical issue.

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How much protein?

The protein debate has always intrigued me. You hear stories of guys eating 80 grams of protein 7 times per day. WTF? How can you do this and still operate. How much toilet paper do they go through? The other extreme tells us that 0.8-1.2 grams per pound of bodyweight is all that is needed. That’s not a lot at all when you think about eating every 2-3 hours.

I am not a nutritionist and I have never dieted. I am however very interested in this issue and intend to upskill my knowledge and begin to understand the issue in more detail. I expect it is an individual thing. Eating every 3 hours and having a serve of protein with every meal seems like a good place to start.

I found the article below on the Elite FTS website. Interesting.

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What’s wrong with Paleo?

Crossfit and Paleo. Two things sure to spark a debate. Usually from the uniformed.

Michael Pollan explains what’s wrong with the Paleo diet

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Q&A- Learning to eat again

I received an email today:

Hi Craig

I enjoyed your learning to eat again article. As a newbie can you give me an idea of what a typical day looks like? What and when do you eat?


Hi Martin

My food log for yesterday is as follows:

5:30 am- Rolled oats and banana.
6:00 am- Train
7:00 am- Serious mass shake
8:00 am- Rice flakes with banana. Bacon.
11:00 am- Chicken, rice, veges
2:00 pm- Chicken, rice, veges
4.00 pm- Rice flakes and protein shake
5.00 pm- Train
6.00 pm- Serious mass shake
7.30 pm- Steak, potatoes and veges
10:00 pm- Rice flakes and protein shake

Pretty simple. Trying to eat every 3 hours at least and create a lifestyle. Whole foods are the key.

I hope this helps.


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Learning to eat again

The biggest challenge for me in terms of getting big and strong is undoubtedly the eating. Funnily enough I don’t have a massive appetite! I get bored with food and I struggle to eat every couple of hours. I do however have the smarts to know that you do need to eat every 2-3 hours if you want to be big and strong. The bullshit that people spout about intermittent fasting and other methods are not going to get you big and strong. I look forward to some 75 kg midget sending me an email and challenging me to a cage fight.

I do need to issue a disclaimer here. I am not nutritional expert. I have never been really lean and I have never really dieted. So I am no expert. But I do have common sense and knowledge. My journey here is more about my personal challenge to get into great condition rather than a guide for you to follow.

I have decided to start off with an initial 4 week block and see how my body responds. I have come off 12 months of travel and erratic eating so initial challenge is really about getting back on the horse and learning to eat again. So the next 4 weeks will look like this;

– eat every 3 hours
– eat a serve of protein, carbs and fruit or vegetables with every meal
– drink a glass of water with every meal
– cheat day on saturdays

This is meant to be pretty simple and allow me to get back into eating slowly. It won’t be ultra strict but I will avoid processed food and try to eat whole foods. I find myself having less protein powder these days other than pre and post workout.

I will provide more specifics as I progress. This will be a real challenge for me but I am excited about getting a bit leaner.

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