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NABBA/WFF South Island Grand Prix

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Lisa Bailey and Mark Anderson in great shape.


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Eastside- stage 3

We are in the final stages of completing our latest expansion. We continue our march towards becoming the number one strength training facility in the country. We now offer a facility where strength athletes aspire to train. This includes powerlifters, bodybuilders, strongman and other athletes who want to get strong for their sport.

Shortly the following will be completed:

– 6 power racks. Each will have a competition power bar, 300 kg of weight and set of chains. 4 of these racks will also have an attached deadlift/free weight area;
– 3 competition bench stations;
– Dedicated grappling/stretching area. Our current area has been extended and will have new carpet;
– A dedicated strongman area which includes stones, logs, farmers walk implements and other specific strongman equipment.
– Indoor GPP (general physical preparedness) area for tyre flipping, farmers walk, prowler and sled work etc;
– Some cardio equipment. This reflects our diversity and growing bodybuilder base;
– 2 stand alone deadlift platforms;
– Dumbbells up to 75 kg;
– Dedicated machine area. Our equipment has grown and we now offer all machines that you would expect to find in “commercial gym”. However, this is just our starting point. We offer quality equipment that is functional and that is not available in other gyms, such as a glute ham raise and a reverse hyper extension We are not interested in machines that have no purpose.

This is not a time to stand still. We have further plans to improve Eastside.

Photos and a virtual gym tour will be available soon.

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