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Quick rant inefficiencies in not for profit organisations

I have been thinking…

The familiar drums have started to beat in NZ sport regarding funding for low profile sports. This is gaining momentum quickly as sports which are well funded like triathalon and swimming underperform at the Commonwealth games while sports like Judo who receive no funding, are doing very well.

I sympathise with the small players who get nothing. There is no doubt thst High Performance Sport NZ struggle with equality of distribution. But it raises more questions for me about the structures of our sporting bodies and not for profit organisations in general. How fat are their overheads and could this fat be trimmed to achieve better outcomes? I’m talking about management salaries and other overheads for these organisations.

I would like to see a serious debate about how to rationalise the number of organisations and how they operate. Surely there are efficiencies to be gained and costs to be cut. This would result in more money to do good.

One thing is for sure. The amount of government funding will not increase. So we need to look at different means of funding or cut costs. Fewer  organisations operating in a smarter way.

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Powerlifting- A Junk Sport

All of this bullshit and hype around different federations makes me cringe.  I love powerlifting.  It is such a simple sport which tests man against the bar and is in my opinion the complete test of overall strength.  Anyone can do it and there is an acceptance of many who don’t do it well.  There seems to be a trend towards more and more federations.  In NZ now we have another fed.  It seems pretty stupid from outside of the tent.  Few can deny that CAPO came along to give enhanced lifters a chance to compete legitimately.  And that is fine.  But now we have the GPC on board.  All that we are doing is diluting the smallish pool of lifters we have. 

Powerlifting will be successful if it is simple.  Simple rules, simple equipment (or raw) and few barriers to competition.  If it were up to me we wouldn’t even have weight classes.  Lift your best lifts and see how you stack up.  If you weigh 60 kg then maybe you weren’t meant to be a powerlifter.  I know that is a little harsh but I’m pretty sure they don’t have weight classes in table tennis or height classes in basketball?

I like the raw unity and the idea of bringing together the best lifters in the world.  This is surely the only chance that powerlifting has to become a serious sport.  At present it is just junk.

bigger stronger smarter

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Wonka on PTs

That’s good money…

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Wonka says

via Condescending Wonka – oh you tried benching 100 kg for the last 6 weeks you must b.

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The Controversy Behind Cross-fit | LIVESTRONG.COM

CrossFit in the news again. I get a few emails from CrossFit fans telling me to pull head in. My position is pretty clear. I have nothing against CrossFit. I do have a problem with bad coaching and this seems to be the problem the industry faces. As more and more half arsed trainers sense an opportunity to make some money, we increase the risk as these facilities pop up. It’s bad enough having crap PTs training clients one on one. We don’t need a massacre!

My advice to CrossFit “coaches”. Get under the bar. Learn the movements and perfect them. Then learn to teach them which is different again. How the hell do you expect to impart knowledge if you can’t do the movements yourself? If you are a competent CrossFit coach then keep on keeping on. Again, I have no problem with the concept. It’s just not my flavour protein shake.

The Controversy Behind Cross-fit | LIVESTRONG.COM.

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My favourite restaurant- no more

My daughter painted me this. The Volcano was an iconic Lyttelton restaurant which we loved to visit. A victim of the Christchurch earthquakes.

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Hitler and Crossfit

My lack of sympathy for CrossFit has attracted some attention from some CrossFit loyalists who have sent me several emails accusing me of being “a fat bastard”, “ill informed” and “a freak”. I have a thick skin to go with my big bench, squat, deadlift and my wide waist.

Save your fingers people and don’t bother emailing me. I have no problem with CrossFit. I have a problem with uneducated trainers setting up studios and poorly teaching Olympic and powerlifting movements. I thought I made that pretty clear. It is gay but more importantly it is not safe.

To reinforce my point here is a re-post of the Hilter vid hating on CrossFit. I love the part at 2.24 seconds:

“What happened to the days when people actually wanted to be strong?”

What next? PTs who can squat their own bodyweight!

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