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Getting smarter- financial literacy

When I first started this blog I chose the title carefully. Bigger Stronger Smarter. It’s all about educating and informing people to become exactly that- Bigger Stronger and Smarter.

The reality is that I do find the bigger and stronger stuff more interesting. I expect most of my followers are probably the same.

There is lots of common ground between what happens in the gym and what happens in everyday life outside of the gym. I’m talking about business, relationships and other areas. I also there is a strong correlation between success in the gym and success in other areas of my life. When one is going well, the other also goes well.

I want this blog to be more than just about my personal quest to be the biggest and strongest guy in town. I also wanted to explore some areas of personal development. I have touched on some already such as goal setting but I want to extend this further. I don’t pretend to be an expert. But again my approach is to put forward a simple approach that I believe in and use the approach on myself and document the results. I hope that this personal approach is one which readers can relate to and then they can use to improve their own life and well being.

Another interest area for me is that of financial literacy. In New Zealand (and no doubt other countries) there is a big push towards improving the financial literacy of the population. The Retirement Commission is on board and there is an expensive marketing campaign. The rationale here is that there is a belief that people are generally illiterate in this area. The follow on from this is that people make poor personal financial decisions and therefore are poor savers.

The problem is most people are not interested and they don’t care. And they are confused by all of the terminology. There is little wonder because there is a mass of information and generally it is not well presented.

I have a big interest in finance and business. I am an Accountant who has been in practice and also taught this at University. I am passionate about finances and I take great satisfaction out of seeing others learn from my teaching. I have also mixed it in the real world as a shareholder and director. And I have the scars to prove it.

Most people don’t believe that I am an Accountant. They say things such as “fuck off” and “that’s funny”. Fortunately I am not easily offended.

Am I the worlds strongest accountant. I’m not sure?

I want to use the “smarter” part of this blog as a forum for presenting some informative data aimed at increasing financial literacy. I don’t want to create experts but I do want to break down several areas of money, the economy and finance and make them more simple and easier for you to understand. Concepts such as interest rates, capital gain, depreciation, budgets, gross domestic product, inflation, unemployment and economic growth. These are all terms we hear on a regular basis but most people glaze over upon hearing them. We can all benefit if we become financially smarter.

In keeping with my simple theme, my desire is to keep things exactly that. Those who know me well will tell you that my approach to getting big and strong is very simple. Probably because I am a simple bastard and anything complex would never work. So don’t expect anything complicated here. I’m looking forward to presenting you my simple guide to financial literacy. Time for us to get smarter. Financially smarter.

Bigger Stronger Smarter

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