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Jamie King- 240 kg for 8 reps at about 84 kg.

Sumo with straps. Jamie briefly held the junior world record at 83 kg (raw division IPF). This is world class.


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Rebecca Wardell

Check this out. One of the most talented athletes in the country and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Gutted for her but she will be back. Such a positive attitude in the face of such massive disappointment. I am inspired.

Rebecca Wardell.

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Big Red Nationals Build up

Jamie King or Big Red is an exciting young lifter from Eastside. He is currently preparing for the National Powerlifting where he will compete in the Junior 74 kg class. Jamie is a raw lifter and has a stack of talent. He has a huge deadlift and his squat and bench are also improving.

There is about 8 weeks until the Nationals. Today Jamie squatted 140 for 2 sets of 8 reps. Both sets were solid. We are working on tightening up in his decent and also making sure he is “upright” at the start.

Lots of work to be done but it is an exciting time. We will follow his progress right up until the Nationals at the start of August.

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Always use collars!!!

I hope Simon doesn’t mind me posting this. We all saw the funny side once we realised no one was hurt, just pride!

We all get sloppy with collar use. I am one of the worst. But collars should always be used for safety reasons. The bar slipped down Simon’s back. I wanted him to just dump it but he fought hard! No harm done here and he came back and smashed another PB for weight and reps. But the lesson is use collars even on warm ups. The odd bar getting dumped (and the spotter getting out of the way) is far better than a serious injury resulting from plates flying in all directions!

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Box squats

Getting back up there. Tonight I hit 305 plus 40 kg of chains off the box. Box still a bit on the high side but pleased with the drive off the box. The footage below shows a terrible set up on the first rep when I caught the rack and with no collars (bad move) nearly dumped the plates. This would have been spectacular. But I came back and managed to put it away despite another average set up.

I am feeling strong and confident I have a bit more in me yet. 2 weeks and we will see what the actually means in terms of weight.


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Bryn deadlifts 200 for 4

Bryn deadlifting 200 kg for 4. Good effort from the bodybuilder. Time to back off for a few weeks and change the movement. The trap bar will provide a new challenge as we look to keep making progress.

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Bodybuilders deadlifting

Bryn hits 190 for 5 reps. The young man is an aspiring bodybuilder and he has discovered the correlation between getting strong and growing. I must say it took me a while to convince him but he’s underway and starting to post some great numbers. I suspect he is more inspired by guys like Johnnie Jackson and Ronnie Coleman. These guys do a few deadlifts.

As I reminded him tonight- 5 reps is a good balance between size and strength.

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