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5 most effective exercises ever

I have just read this article on t-nation. My 5 most effective exercises are:

1. Squats

2. Deadlifts

3. Bench Press

4. Overhead press

5. Dips

Your thoughts?

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Muscle soreness


I once had to ask a friend what the fuck DOMs was.  It’s a modern term for being sore after training apparently.

I read a great article last night on T-Nation written by Paul Carter.  Paul is a great writer and I find his simple approach very refreshing.  In the article Paul discusses DOMs and what muscle soreness really tells you.

Should you be sore after you train?  I am sometimes sore after I train.  But often I am not physically sore the day after I train.  I tend to get sore if I break new ground or do a movement I haven’t done for a while.  But I personally don’t see any definite correlation between being sore and making progress.

Paul makes two really good points in the article:

  1. Too much soreness can set you back,
  2. If you are never sore, you are training like a pussy.

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