How much protein?

The protein debate has always intrigued me. You hear stories of guys eating 80 grams of protein 7 times per day. WTF? How can you do this and still operate. How much toilet paper do they go through? The other extreme tells us that 0.8-1.2 grams per pound of bodyweight is all that is needed. That’s not a lot at all when you think about eating every 2-3 hours.

I am not a nutritionist and I have never dieted. I am however very interested in this issue and intend to upskill my knowledge and begin to understand the issue in more detail. I expect it is an individual thing. Eating every 3 hours and having a serve of protein with every meal seems like a good place to start.

I found the article below on the Elite FTS website. Interesting.

bigger stronger smarter

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