Learning to eat again

The biggest challenge for me in terms of getting big and strong is undoubtedly the eating. Funnily enough I don’t have a massive appetite! I get bored with food and I struggle to eat every couple of hours. I do however have the smarts to know that you do need to eat every 2-3 hours if you want to be big and strong. The bullshit that people spout about intermittent fasting and other methods are not going to get you big and strong. I look forward to some 75 kg midget sending me an email and challenging me to a cage fight.

I do need to issue a disclaimer here. I am not nutritional expert. I have never been really lean and I have never really dieted. So I am no expert. But I do have common sense and knowledge. My journey here is more about my personal challenge to get into great condition rather than a guide for you to follow.

I have decided to start off with an initial 4 week block and see how my body responds. I have come off 12 months of travel and erratic eating so initial challenge is really about getting back on the horse and learning to eat again. So the next 4 weeks will look like this;

– eat every 3 hours
– eat a serve of protein, carbs and fruit or vegetables with every meal
– drink a glass of water with every meal
– cheat day on saturdays

This is meant to be pretty simple and allow me to get back into eating slowly. It won’t be ultra strict but I will avoid processed food and try to eat whole foods. I find myself having less protein powder these days other than pre and post workout.

I will provide more specifics as I progress. This will be a real challenge for me but I am excited about getting a bit leaner.

bigger stronger smarter

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