Quick rant inefficiencies in not for profit organisations

I have been thinking…

The familiar drums have started to beat in NZ sport regarding funding for low profile sports. This is gaining momentum quickly as sports which are well funded like triathalon and swimming underperform at the Commonwealth games while sports like Judo who receive no funding, are doing very well.

I sympathise with the small players who get nothing. There is no doubt thst High Performance Sport NZ struggle with equality of distribution. But it raises more questions for me about the structures of our sporting bodies and not for profit organisations in general. How fat are their overheads and could this fat be trimmed to achieve better outcomes? I’m talking about management salaries and other overheads for these organisations.

I would like to see a serious debate about how to rationalise the number of organisations and how they operate. Surely there are efficiencies to be gained and costs to be cut. This would result in more money to do good.

One thing is for sure. The amount of government funding will not increase. So we need to look at different means of funding or cut costs. Fewer  organisations operating in a smarter way.

bigger stronger smarter

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