Why 5×5?

Received an email today:

Hi Craig

Why 5×5? Isn’t that for beginners and pussys lol?


Hey Josh

Thanks for your email.

Not too sure what you mean by a pussy. I suppose I am a bit beyond the beginner stage having a best gym bench of 230 kg or 506 pounds. Pussy? I will let you work that out.

As I explained I am in a bit of a comeback phase and using 5×5 as my tool for core lifts. Why?
– simple structure
– weekly progression
– good balance between size and strength training
– mastery of technique

I am a big fan of 5×5 and the challenge of completing 5 sets of 5 reps with a single weight is immemse. In a few weeks I will express this in real terms!

5×5 is great for beginners but also after a break or as a means to mix it up.

Any pussies out there with a view.


bigger stronger smarter

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