Comeback kid

It has been a pretty tough 12 months for me. I won’t go into a lot of detail but I have been on the road for work for most of the past 12 months. I have been commuting to Auckland every week since October and prior to this I was in a different city for at least 4 days a week. This is tough on lots of things including family. When I first started doing this I didn’t expect it would last longer than a couple of months. Little did I know. 12 months has flown by. The reason I carried on was that I was actually loving the work and I haven’t been able to say this about my job ever before. This is another story and I will go into more detail at some point.

Anyway I am now finally back in Christchurch living full time. This for me is a wonderful feeling. Primarily I am pleased about this for my daughter. She is now 12 and when I look back it is clear that she has missed me. However being a bit useless at times I tended to overlook or even ignore this and justify that it was for the best in the long term. It has also put strain on other relationships. Ultimately it is not sustainable and I am glad it is over. Fortunately I have a wonderful family including my partner who has been nothing but supportive.

The other area which has suffered has been my training. My good mate Matt made a comment when I first started which has stuck with me. He said something along the lines of “why would you sacrifice your training when it is what you love so much.” He has a good point but of course it is always possible to justify anything when it comes to your career. But my training is such a massive part of my life. I went from training with the same guys twice daily to training by myself 3-4 times a week in different gyms. I went from being the biggest and strongest I have been to being the weakest, smallest and fattest. Yes lol.

And I haven’t blogged. I went from blogging daily, reading an hour a day, training twice a day to working 16-18 hours a day. And I loved it. Sound fucked up? It does and it is. Life is about having a balance. Work, family, relationships, sport/recreation, social, community, self. Balance is not work!

Anyway I am back. I have a couple of weeks leave and a chance to reflect and plan. My planning is about getting that balance back. I want to have a great career and fulfilling job but I also want to be a great father and partner and contribute to my community. Oh and I still want to be the biggest and strongest guy in the gym.

I have continued to train over the past 12 months but it has been a bare minimum. I have not gone anywhere near training hard even though I have still managed to get to the gym 4 times a week. My diet has been far from optimal and I have survived on 3-5 sleep a night.

I always joke with my mates that my mother is the only one who reads my blog. I suspect she has tuned out also. Ultimately I don’t give a fuck who reads this. For me it is a personal discipline to write for 30 minutes every day as well as reading for 60 minutes. Those 2 things I believe make me a better person. So if you are reading this and thinking why am I reading this then that is a good question. Because I don’t actually care. That said you may enjoy an insight into what makes me tick. Bigger Stronger Smarter is about being big strong and smart funnily enough. To me that means reaching my potential as a human being. I have squatted 350 kg, deadlifted 350 kg and deadlifted 230 kg. These are gym lifts of course but I have competed of course. I have no expectations in terms of numbers at this stage and I don’t see myself hitting big singles in the near future. However I would like to be back to my best in terms of size and strength and hitting new 5 rep max PRs this year. And with the balance thing in mind. My career is important but having a balance is more important.

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