Comeback kid II

I need simple structure in my life. I love simple. I joke with people that I am a thick prick and I need to keep things very simple.

Those who know me well also know that I have a simple philosophy when it comes to getting big and strong. It needs to be based around big core movements and then extra workouts to “fill in the gaps.” Not new of course and something Westside Barbell advocates of course.

Where am I at? I have had a stop start 12 months and I am along way from my best. But I have a great base and I am still weighing in around 109 kg. But I do need to be mindful of a measured progression and build back volume slowly.

My weekly schedule will look something like:

Monday- Incline bench 5×5 (10 kg progression each week), chest
Tuesday- Back and biceps
Wednesday Deadlift 5×5 (20 kg progression each week), lower back and hamstrings, calves
Thursday- Seated front press 5×5 (10 kg progression each week)
Friday- Arms
Saturday- High bar squat 5×5 (20 kg progression each week), quads, calves
Sunday- rest

5X5 is great because it is a good balance between training for strength, size and working on technique. Obviously you sacrifice weight but the key is a slow and. structured approach. Each week you can progress and work towards new PRs. Mastery of technique after a prolonged break or light period of training is just as important as for a novice.

You can see that the key days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. The other workouts are extra workouts and more about filling in the gaps and working on weak points.

I will be more specific about sets and reps next time.

bigger stronger smarter

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