Are box squats bad for the back?


Box squats get some bad press from ignorant trainers who are weak and don’t know how to do them properly. I can squat on a box below parallel with 400 kgs on my back. Now that doesn’t mean they are safe. But I think they have helped me build a pretty strong back.

Here is what Jim Wendler has to say about box squats being bad for the back.

“Box squats are bad for the back: I hear this all of the time but am reminded of a famous quote by Meg Ritchie, former strength and conditioning coach at the University of Arizona. “There are no dangerous lifts, just dangerous coaches.” I’ve seen very bad box squats and I’ve seen very good box squats. I’ve also seen really awful bench pressing but no one is battling that exercise. When people tell you that box squats are bad for the back…

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