Powerlifting- A Junk Sport

All of this bullshit and hype around different federations makes me cringe.  I love powerlifting.  It is such a simple sport which tests man against the bar and is in my opinion the complete test of overall strength.  Anyone can do it and there is an acceptance of many who don’t do it well.  There seems to be a trend towards more and more federations.  In NZ now we have another fed.  It seems pretty stupid from outside of the tent.  Few can deny that CAPO came along to give enhanced lifters a chance to compete legitimately.  And that is fine.  But now we have the GPC on board.  All that we are doing is diluting the smallish pool of lifters we have. 

Powerlifting will be successful if it is simple.  Simple rules, simple equipment (or raw) and few barriers to competition.  If it were up to me we wouldn’t even have weight classes.  Lift your best lifts and see how you stack up.  If you weigh 60 kg then maybe you weren’t meant to be a powerlifter.  I know that is a little harsh but I’m pretty sure they don’t have weight classes in table tennis or height classes in basketball?

I like the raw unity and the idea of bringing together the best lifters in the world.  This is surely the only chance that powerlifting has to become a serious sport.  At present it is just junk.

bigger stronger smarter

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