2014- a new start for me

Greetings people.  I have been inactive on the blog front for the last 12 months and many of my followers have drifted away as one would expect.  I want to rejuvenate my blog in 2014 and start a facebook page also.  This doesn’t mean I think I am any more important!  This blog is really for me and a way to make sure I write for 30 minutes each day. 

2013 was a tough year.  2012 was also a tough year.  I will elaborate about this in the next few weeks but needless to say I have discovered a lot about myself.  My new career has flourished but this has meant I have spent a lot of time away from home.  This has put pressure on family and training.  But I am still going and have a renewed focus.  I have given it a lot of though and I really do need to be doing something competitive on the sporting front.  So expect to see my on the platform in 2014.

Some other areas of focus in 2014 will be:

– Career:  I really want to push myself and reach my potential as a leader.

– Sporting: Return to competition.

– Family: Focus on making sure that the “main thing is the main thing”

– My blog: Blog daily.  I want to be a bit more diverse and thought provoking.  I have some broad interest areas which I want to share.

– Diet: Clean this up.

– Personal: Read 30 minutes a day.

I will write about each of these areas over the next few days.  I am pretty excited about 2014.  Happy new year to you all.  I look forward to sharing some of my thoughts with you.  As always I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Bigger Stronger Smarter


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