Guest post- The right product for the right muscle

Putting on muscle weight is easier for some than it is for others, meaning that some need a helping hand outside of the gym. For this reason, protein shakes have become very popular with gym-goers to help them best achieve muscle shape and definition whilst helping their weight gain aims. As with most other things, however, there is no quick fix that works for everybody – meaning there are also different products which can help achieve unique goals.

Some of those who look to add muscle do so for the aesthetic purposes. Muscle definition can not only make a person look fit and healthy, but also be a tick in the box with the opposite sex. For this, gym sessions – and protein products as well – need to be tailored to bulking up.

At the gym, bulking will traditionally involve lifting heavy weights for a small number of reps. Likewise, muscle defining protein shakes are different to all others, offering a combination that helps build size and shape of muscle, as well as recovery agents to help post-workout.

Lean muscle
Others who head to the gym to work out do so in order to build lean muscle. Dancers or fighters, for example, need some serious strength but also need to be sprightly and agile. For this reason they need workouts and products which will be more tailored to their needs.
Just as expected, the opposite workout to those seeking muscle mass would be used by those looking to build more lean muscles. They’d typically undertake lighter resistance but do so for longer periods of time or for more reps. The lean protein shakes, meanwhile, support gym work and builds lean – albeit hard – muscle. It can also be used to control diet and appetite, releasing fast and slow energy to power the workout and the comedown afterward.

Just as with everything else in life, there is not one fix-all solution that acts as a jack-of-all-trades but instead a series of specific products which offer results more tailored to the user.

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