Bench- 140x10x10 challenge

On the way back from injury I have been trying to build a big base. This has meant doing some higher reps and a lot more volume. This has been pretty foreign to me and has been painful.

I have long had a dream of doing 140 kg on bench for 10 sets of 10 with 2 minute rest periods. I don’t know how impressive that is in relative terms. In fact I don’t really care. But I knew it would hurt when I hit it today. I can remember the day a few years ago when I benched 140 for a single and I can remember the day I benched 140 for 10. Both felt amazing but to do 140 for 10 sets of 10 with minimal rest periods was going to be possibly my greatest challenge.

The first 5 sets today were not too bad. On set 6 I started to tie up as my chest was pumped up so much. My triceps were also starting to waiver. I managed to muster some mental toughness and got through to set 9 and I was still in the game. Set 10 stood in front of me and I knew I had 9 reps but the last rep to lockout was going to be where the real question would be asked.

I recorded set 10. As I expected I pushed the first 9 reps out and rep 10 was a problem. I am not claiming that I did complete this set. But it was close. So the 140x10x10 challenge is still there for me.

I’m not sure if others have tried this. It probably has limited appeal to powerlifters, particularly those who are close to competing. But there must be some powerbuiders or bodybuilders who have or could give this a decent crack. In NZ the like of Hamish Coulter and Steve Orton come to mind. And Harry Bickers living in Sydney. There will be others. Reuben Simanu could probably do it also as he is such a machine.

What I do know is that it stands up there as a huge challenge for this fat powerlifter!

bigger stronger smarter

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