High volume phase- 10×10 120kg bench

I am in the midst of a high volume phase for the next 10-12 weeks. The goal is to build a solid foundation using reps in the 8-10 range and hitting something like 25-35 sets per workout. This means training sessions with reps in the range of 300-350 reps and sometimes more. This is high volume that will have many powerlifters scratching their heads. It makes sense to me. You may have heard of Authur Lydiard, a famous NZ athletics coach who broke new ground in the 1960s and 1970s by prescribing some ridiculous volume for his athletes. My experimental approach is along those lines. Building a base over about 4 months with unprecedented volume before progressing to another phase.

Things are still quite light at the moment as I adjust to the volume and gain more conditioning. Here is the last set today on 120 kg. I did 10 sets, that’s 100 reps. Hoping to get to 140 kg for 10 sets of 10 in the next couple of weeks.

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