Training Log- Saturday 21 April- Quads

Saturday is quads day. I have been using the safety squat bar and concentrating on deep and full reps and lots of volume. The goal is to bring my lagging quads up.

Safety bar squats– warm up. Top set of 180kg for 5 reps. Followed by 140kg x 8×2, 120 kg x 10×2.

Hack squats- Top set of 8 plates x5 reps. Followed by 6 plates x8x2, 4 plates x10x2.

Leg press– 6 plates x50 reps, 8 plates x 30 reps, 10 plates x 20 reps, 14 plates x 10 reps.

Leg extensions– 4×25 reps.

bigger stronger smarter

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