Q&A- powerbuilding 4 days per week

Hi Craig

I currently train 3 times per week using 5/3/1. I want to extend this to 4 days but not include the shoulder press in 5/3/1. Can you give me some idea of a split in terms of bodyparts and some ideas for assistance movements.



Hi Blair

How does this sound:

Monday- squat and quads
Wednesday- bench and triceps
Friday- deadlift and posterior chain and upper back
Saturday- Shoulder and arms

Here are some ideas for assistance work:

Monday- hack squats, leg press and leg extensions.
Wednesday- incline bb bench, dips, incline tricep extension and tricep pushdowns.
Friday- Romanian deadlifts, reverse hack squats, reverse hyper extensions, t-bar rows, lat pulldowns.
Saturday- seated bb front press, upright rows, close grip bench press, overhead rope extensions, bicep curls.

Note that I like to hit triceps twice a week hence why I include them again on Saturday.

I would use a rep range of 6-12 and 3-5 sets for each movement. Stick with the same exercises for 4 weeks and change each time you begin a new 5/3/1 cycle.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


bigger stronger smarter


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