Guest Post- Cardio and Muscle Growth

James has written a guest post.

It’s a well-known fact that many bodybuilders disregard cardio as something that will have a negative effect on muscles and prevent big gains. Unfortunately for these people they may have been telling you the wrong story all along. In fact if that could have been bothered to set foot on a treadmill every now and again they might have found that their workouts led to faster more effective gains than simply hitting the gym with the intention of lifting weights. So can cardio actually play a big part in your muscle building regime?

Exploding the Myth

The myth of cardio not helping muscle growth comes from the fact that many bodybuilders and gym-goers know that cardio helps to break down muscle. Whilst this is true, it is only to the extent that your muscles break down when you sleep. You have to remember that your muscles are constantly repairing themselves, and this is a key part in actually building your muscles up. Consequently the fact that you do some cardio and this helps to break your muscles down will actually benefit you in the long run. If you intend to take your cardio to a level of endurance, for example a marathon, then yes, you may see some muscle loss, but a general cardio session before you go to lift weights will not endanger the gains that you have made in your muscles.

How It Can Help

Cardio also encourages muscle growth, and this is the key element that you might be missing from your workout regime. As cardiovascular work causes more blood to pump around the body, it also ensures that more oxygen is taken into the blood stream. In turn this means that more oxygen is fed to your muscles, which aids recovery and your performance. Consequently those extra 20 minutes that you spend on your cardio could result in a big improvement in your weight lifting. It just shows that all round fitness can lead to far better results than simply focusing on one aspect in the gym. The fact that cardio helps more oxygen get to your muscles should not be a forgotten thing in the world of muscle growth, so ensure that you know this before you hit the gym. It could make all the difference for your workout regime.

Clearly cardio can benefit you in more ways than you expect, and the myth that cardio is bad for your muscle building should be ignored. Remember that your muscles will always break down, and this is an important part of the muscle building program. You might find that there is no need to buy supplements if your cardio delivers the kind of unexpected results that it can offer. Many people find that there is a point in their workout that they cant get past, and that is, more often than not, due to poor general fitness. Ensuring that your cardio levels are at a good point will help you with your everyday life, but also give you the best opportunity to achieve the kind of goals that you want. And if it only means a few minutes on the treadmill, or a cycle around the local neighbourhood, why not try it and see what happens?

Author Bio: This article is written by James who is trying to reach the next level in his workout and wondering whether to buy supplements online or achieve results without them.

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