Shoulder volume

I overlooked shoulders for a long time. Once I started to train them on their own training day they started to grow and my raw bench took off.

I am a believer that shoulders need a lot of volume. They need a lot of pressing to develop them. Pressing is the key to big and powerful shoulders. While side and rear delts are important to give balance, the majority of the work should happen at the front end. This mean lots of front pressing, dunbbell shoulder pressing and behind neck press. PTs will shudder when they hear behind neck press.

We do a lot of volume when we train shoulders. For front delts I like to do about 15 sets. The key for me is getting 9-10 sets on the first core movement. Today our movement was seated front press. We work up to one top set of 5 to 6 reps and then back off with 2 sets of 8 reps and another 2 sets of 10 reps.

In the clip Jeremy hits a top set of 6 reps on 120 kg and then backs off. The boy is strong.

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