Q&A- Do you even lift?

From a PT who thinks that circuit training is a good way to get strong. Keep them coming boys.

Hi Craig

I am a PT and I read your blog. Sometimes I wonder why but you sometimes post some good links.

Your latest post got me a bit fired up. The reason is that you implied that I don’t know what I am talking about. I pride myself in having my clients reach their goals. You wrote about circuit training not being a good way to gain strength. I disagree. While most of my clients want to tone up and lose weight, the ones that want to get stronger get stronger. I like them to follow a balanced approach and we do a mixture of circuits and some free weights. Not only do that get stronger but they also get an aerobic workout and lose fat.

I think you need to be more open minded. Look beyond the traditional approach and think about what also works.



Thanks Sam

That’s pretty much the response I would expect from the average PT. I don’t really think it is worth engaging with you because you have made up your mind (so have I guess). I’m not sure what your background is but I’m picking you are not a big strong guy. I shouldn’t be judgmental but I suspect you are more of an endurance sort of a guy. 70 kg’s?

I will keep this quite brief. Getting strong is simple. You lift big weights with good form. You don’t do high reps with bad technique in between doing star jumps and burpees. If you want to get strong you need to stick to basic movements and progressively lift more and more weight.

Keep reading my blog Sam. I don’t have all of the answers but I do know how to get strong. And it’s not doing circuit training.



bigger stronger smarter

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