Community Spirit

I was just reflecting on my weekend.

On Friday night we hosted the Eastside push/pull. We had 21 lifters, most of them first timers. That was very satisfying. The rush that comes from lifting your personal best in front of friends, family and even strangers is something that you can’t explain. But when you feel it, it is like a drug and you want more of it. This is what I saw on Friday from lots of guys and girls. I makes me feel privileged to be part of this.

On Saturday morning I went to the gym early and helped out several young guys who want to get bigger and stronger. Not just powerlifters but also rugby and league players. Fortunately these days I also have Jackson to assist me. This helps me spread myself a bit further.

On Sunday morning I also helped out young guys at the gym. Later on Sunday morning I attended a working bee at Lyttelton Main School. At least 100 parents and children attended for 4 hours. I am Chairman of the board and feel that I contribute quite a lot to the school.

Lyttelton Main School working bee

It has been a tough time in Christchurch over the past 12 months. I personally think we all need to get behind our communities. I probably do a little more than most but I encourage you to give something. Even an hour a week will be valued by someone. It will make you feel good and probably help someone who is not as fortunate as you.

bigger stronger smarter

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