Consistent progress

Simon started at Eastside at the end of last year. He commented that he wanted to get stronger. He does CrossFit to stay in shape. My challenge was to help him with his technique and help him get stronger.

Simon is an easy guy to help. He is determined and listens plus he turns up. He does a basic powerbuilding routine. I started him on 5X5 as we wanted to nail his technique.

Simon is made for strength training. I have said this before. He is very tall and lean. I’m not sure of his stats now but he’s over 6 foot 3 and around 90 kg. He is gaining muscle! But lifting weights is a challenge.

Simon inspired a lot of people at the gym tonight. Not because of what he lifted. A 140 kg deadlift is not huge but it is all relative. When Simon began recently he had bad form and he was not very strong. We deadifted with 40 kg and settled on 60 kg as a starting weight. Since then he has steadily added weight. Today was the first time we went heavy at all. 140 kg is a massive PB.

I’m not posting about Simon just because of what he achieved tonight. I’m more into where he is headed. We will set some goals in the next few days but I think that 400 pounds is the next target now that 300 pounds has been ticked off. Hard work, a clear plan and desire. Rinse and repeat.

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