Band pushdowns

I get a lot of comments from guys who think I over train my triceps. They don’t bench as much as me (or lift as much as me) so I’m not so sure the advice has merit. Not that I would ever criticise them as it’s not my style.

I am training my triceps about 4 times a week at present. But remember this includes 1 heavy day and the rest are extra workouts where I just go for reps with bands, cables or machines.

The goal today was to complete 400 reps on band pushdowns in as few sets as possible. I chocked a medium band around the top of the power rack (yes I had to use a chair to get it up there). I started of with sets of 50. Not sure how many sets it took me. I was down to 8 reps by the time I finished. My triceps were full of blood.

This is all I did today for triceps. A simple but effective workout for recovery and tricep development. This approach to tricep training has helped me push my triceps to another level along with my bench. Could be something in it.

The picture below is not me!


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