5/3/1 and MMA – JimWendler.com

The reason I posted this article is because Wendler touches on a subject very dear to my heart.

“The time spent in the weight room must be devoted to getting stronger, not running around doing circuits. You are in the weight room to get stronger, NOT to mimic another practice.”

I couldn’t agree more. I see too many fighters (I assume they actually fight) and other athletes too, trying to do what I would call functional circuits. I think they are trying to get fit and/or build mental toughness. These guys are usually piss weak. Why wouldn’t they devote some time to getting strong in the gym and then thinking about their circuit training. Or have I missed the point.

I might start a crusade and see if I can educate people about the simplicity of strength training.

5/3/1 and MMA – JimWendler.com.


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