The Controversy Behind Cross-fit | LIVESTRONG.COM

CrossFit in the news again. I get a few emails from CrossFit fans telling me to pull head in. My position is pretty clear. I have nothing against CrossFit. I do have a problem with bad coaching and this seems to be the problem the industry faces. As more and more half arsed trainers sense an opportunity to make some money, we increase the risk as these facilities pop up. It’s bad enough having crap PTs training clients one on one. We don’t need a massacre!

My advice to CrossFit “coaches”. Get under the bar. Learn the movements and perfect them. Then learn to teach them which is different again. How the hell do you expect to impart knowledge if you can’t do the movements yourself? If you are a competent CrossFit coach then keep on keeping on. Again, I have no problem with the concept. It’s just not my flavour protein shake.

The Controversy Behind Cross-fit | LIVESTRONG.COM.

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