When things get tough…

Here is a exert from Jackson’s journal.  He’s had a tough couple of weeks.  Fighting niggles, man flu and worst of a bit of a plateau!  Have a bit of a read about where he is at and I will respond in a follow on post shortly.


So had a hard week this week..
Just scraping through on my main lifts, numbers weren’t very impressive at all, and am now starting to fall apart..
Elbow tendinitis in my distal bicep tendon and distal long head of the tricep tendon on my left arm, and slight bursitis in my right shoulder with residual pain down the nerve:shock: 
Plus a little neural fatigue lead to less than stellar performances with the heavy weights
Believe this is just built up over time, pushing it too hard for too long and am now paying the price.
No worries though, just time for a change in plans, having a real deload this week for once :pfft: 

Thinking about changing up the rep scheme on the big lifts, Coach had quite a nice idea that I think could work which is hitting a set number of reps with the same percentages as 5/3/1, just so I’m not hitting 15 reps on Squats and Deads and then pushing it hard on accessories. Something like 8/5/3 sounded like some good numbers, and realistic too, would also keep me much closer to maximal weights so peaking for comps wouldn’t be such a shock to the system like it was last time ! :lol: 

Anyway time to change things up I think, will talk with Coach this week and see what he thinks, may even have to put in Box Squats, Good Mornings, Incline Bench, Bench with Chains etc as main lifts, just to change things up see how it goes, will keep you posted on the happenings, if you’re looking for a new training approach watch this space for some ideas ! :nod:


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