Strength is not important…

A quote from Jim Wendler about the importance of strength. The more I read Wendler, the more I love his work. Such a simple approach that is so easy to relate to.

“Strength is not important: This is something that Dave Tate has brought up time and time again and I’m not afraid to take his idea and run with it. When I first started to lift weights I was a thin and slow kid in 8th grade. I was an above average athlete, but not very fast. After lifting for 6 months (squatting, benching and deadlifting) track season came around and I had now become the fastest kid in the school. I remember thinking that the reason I was so much faster than everyone was because I was stronger. Now I am not a genius, but how the hell could a 13 year kid with no fancy degrees figure this out but it remains a mystery to some of the strength coaches? Of course these coaches will argue that “we are not powerlifters, we are athletes.” No one ever argued that fact, but then why do you test in the bench and squat? They will counter that they have no need for a 600lbs bench press. They’re right! They don’t need one, but it sure would be nice to have every offensive lineman on a college team able to bench press 400lbs and squat 600lbs. Hell, wouldn’t it be nice if they could even all squat 400? Because I KNOW that most schools can’t even say that! And I’m talking about a parallel squat, not a ¼ squat piece of crap. Whenever I hear these kinds of statements it’s from a coach that has weak athletes. Just strive to make them stronger. Make the 200lbs squatter into a 315lbs squatter and you will be surprised at what will happen. Also, to those that believe and preach nothing but stability balls and balance boards. I bet you can teach me how to stand on a stability ball and wave a wand in a few hours. How long do you think it is going to take me to teach you how to squat over 900lbs? You know why no one likes to hear this? Because getting stronger takes hard work and effort”.
– Jim Wendler


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