Powerbuilding for ‘normal’ people

I get a lot of feedback from people who have no desire to be the biggest and strongest guys or girls in town. But they are attracted to powerbuilding because:

– they like structure;
– they want to get stronger for everyday life;
– they enjoy going to the gym and they understand that the gym is about getting stronger;
– they want to build lean muscle;
– they want to increase their confidence and levels of self esteem;
– they are goal driven and they want to progressively improve.

These are all compelling reasons to think about powerbuilding. The reality is that most people who go the gym are not interested in being world beaters. They do not have the desire to be the biggest and strongest dude in town. But they do have one thing in common. They want to get better, to continually improve. And going to the gym day after day, year after year and staying the same is really the opposite of getting better.

Powerbuilding for me is about setting realistic goals and working hard and smart to achieve them. It is also about continuous improvement and having an expectation that this improvement will continue ad infinitum. Progress will plateau at some point and when it does we need to understand why and make changes to get back on the road to continuous improvement.

I enjoy working with the young guys who are set to become elite raw lifters in the next few years. But I also enjoy working with those who do not have the genetic gifts to reach these heights. These individuals have the ability to continue to better themselves. They have the same amount of potential to improve, to become stronger, to gain lean muscle and to increase their self confidence and self esteem.

I am working updating my powerbuilding templates over the next few days. 3 days a week is all that some people dedicate to the gym. 3 days a week is all that you need to make a move toward continuous improvement.

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